Some Decrees & Maps

Here are links to some PDFs of scans of decrees and maps that the California Department of Water Resources used to Watermaster, and those that are currently under DWR Watermaster Service, plus a few more from Northern California.  Many of the decrees can be downloaded from the State Water Resources Control Board web site, but last time I checked, very few of the maps were available there.

Below the list of decrees are:

  • All of the schematics developed by DWR in 1964, showing how the streams, tributaries, and major diversions work
  • Various other decrees
  • Copies of all the decrees listed on the Water Board’s website, except for those already in the DWR list.  These are included in case they become unavailable at the Water Board’s website.

All of the documents here are presented as-is, with no warranty, expressed or implied.  There may have been amendments to some decrees that are not in these files.  This has been public information since the decrees were issued, and this is just a convenient place to get PDF scans of the documents.