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This blog is about California water rights, diversions, devices, and how measurement devices work, plus a few posts on larger or different issues.  For a great source on a wide variety of water concerns in California, check out the California WaterBlog:  https://californiawaterblog.comCalifornia_WaterBlog

Reading this is like taking some college classes (but faster and more interesting), especially if you check out some of the linked sources.

The April 17 post is really interesting; everyone wants to end groundwater overdraft, which decreases the amount of available groundwater.  Increasing overdraft makes wells have to go ever deeper to get water while drying up some existing wells.  However, there is a cost to any new action, and some folks have figured out costs of getting more water through the Delta to fill up the San Joaquin and Tulare groundwater holes:  at least $50 Million, maybe as high as $1.5 Billion per year:

Anyway, check out this blog, they talk about every aspect of California water!

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