Low-Contrast Web Text Conspiracy Against Older Folks!!

It’s a conspiracy against older folks!  That’s right, young web designers – which are most of them – are purposely discriminating against you and me.  They are gaslighting us, or trying to anyway.  We think our eyes are going faster, or we need a new computer monitor.  In reality, it is just their stupid web page design.

The Millenials who are trying to make us think we’re going blind are lemmings going off the cliff of backlash against this old type of web page:


I love Millenials as much as the next person – my wife and I had three of them ourselves.  But come on, don’t you younger types want us to READ your pages, and BUY the stuff sold there?

The market ultimately wins out.  As you young, eagle-eyed web designers keep doing this, we’re taking our attention and money elsewhere!

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