1,000 AF + Diversion Measurement Device Install Deadline Passed…Req. For Addl. Time Due 30 Days After Available Online

If you divert over 1,000 acre-feet a year, or over about 4 cfs during the irrigation season, your measurement device deadline at the Water Board was January 1.  However, you can file a Request For Additional Time until 30 DAYS AFTER THE FORM IS AVAILABLE ONLINE.  It is January 18 today, so the filing deadline has to be later than February 17, 2017.  This is a welcome UPDATE from 10 days ago, when the Deadline was January 30.

I am often nervous about just mailing a letter or filling out a form online; the letter could fall off a table and the web-based form does not always work.  You can always send an email to record your intent to make the request.  This also helps in case you are unable to (or forget, with 99 other things on your to-do list) fill it out by the deadline.  You will have a record that you are making the request and intend to fill out the form.  Who should you email?  See the post Update – Who To Call At The Board? for names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

See the second table below for the original deadline table, including approximate equivalent water rights.  Let me know if you need help!

SWRCB Water Rights: Water Use Reports and Measurement webpage, January 18, 2017
SWRCB Measurement and Recording Requirements for 2017 (diverters exempted where Watermaster reports)
SWRCB Measurement and Recording Requirements for 2017 (diverters exempted where Watermaster reports)

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