What Does A Measurement Device Evaluation And Proposal Look Like?

When you call and ask, “What do I have to do to stay out of trouble with the Water Board?”, my reply is usually, “What’s your diversion or pond like?  How much and what type of water right(s) do you have?  When can I come and take a look at it?”  We’ll figure out a time, and I’ll visit for 2 hours or however long it takes to see how your diversion works, or how your pond fills and empties, and think of a few likely solutions.

Then I will write up an evaluation and proposal.  The proposals are good enough that, if you don’t choose me to install or certify it, then you, another engineer, or a contractor knows how to get the job done can install it and keep you out of trouble.  Of course, I would like the whole job, but you do have choices!

So, what does an evaluation and proposal look like?  Here is an example, just for a single measurement device for one diversion:








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