How To Get Water Board Forms: ADD’L TIME, Meas. Method, Alter. Compliance

Many diverters have filled out the forms due April 1, 2017 – a few days from now.  For those who have not, how can you get to the Water Board Forms you need now?  See below.  Note: for any of the 3 forms, you can still update information after you click the SUBMIT button.

UPDATE:  Revised:  For any of the 3 forms listed below, save the text from each box where you make an entry, to Word or Notepad.  If you get an error message, keep hitting the Previous and Next buttons, and/or browser forward and back buttons until text is saved, or the box blanks out and then reenter the text you saved to Notepad.  Especially when attaching files, you may have to go forward and back 10 times, and reattach files, before they’ll “stick’.  Entering “too much” text in the form fields can lock up the web page, after you have already gone on to the next, and nothing will save.  The advice is to enter less text, then add more and resubmit, and more and resubmit….

  1. REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL TIME – fill this out if you don’t have your device in, or you have not filled out the other 2 forms.  Put in lots of detail. 
  2. Measurement Method
  3. Alternative Compliance Plan

Start at the Water Right Form and Survey Submittal Portal:


Log in with the User ID and Password you used in past years, or from the last reminder letter that the Water Board sent to you:


This brings up the Water User Dashboard:


Fill out the report(s) you need, or have your qualified individual do it.  Done!  If you do not have your password, or even your login ID; go to the Electronic Water Rights Management System (eWRIMS) Report Management System (RMS) page and get the information you are missing:

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