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“All politics is local”, said U.S. Representative and House Speaker Tip O’Neill and water issues are local too, when it comes down to you and me using water.


There are also good regional and local blogs and news aggregators so we don’t have to pick through short, syndicated news articles to get the straight scoop.

I have had calls asking, “Where do I get information on California water issues and water rights?  Is there a website that covers it?”  California is too big and there are thousands of local water issues, so no one site could even try to cover it!  Hundreds of blogs and news sites are hosted by groups and associations, for every imaginable location and use of water.

We’ll just look at blogs and news covering Southern, Central, and Northern California.  That’s a diverse look at water issues in this highly varied state, and these three sites can give us a lot of detail (“granular” information in politispeak) about local goings-on.

SoCalWater_HomePage - EditedThe Southern California Water Committee does not actually have a blog, but they have a great mix of blog posts and news articles that function as a typical blog. SCWC’s Mission is on their home page which you can see to the left: “The Southern California Water Committee addresses our state’s most critical water issues in order to ensure continued economic growth for California, and a secure, reliable water supply for its people”.  There is an Issues page to quickly read summaries of main concerns to Southern Californians.  It looks like this blog is growing quickly so check it often for updates.

METWDSC_Blog - EditedSouthern California is so big, in population and in the importance of water, that a
savvy reader has to look at the blog of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  The professional H2outlook Blog can take up some hours or days of your time getting educated on MET’s perspective…and it is worth your time!

You will have to help me when we get to the middle; I could not find a specifically BayDeltaBlog - Edited“Central California” blog.  The Bay Delta Blog seemed promising for covering the Delta, the focus of Central Valley issues.  Unfortunately, the last post was in 2012.


The California Water Blog, mentioned here previously, has quite a few posts on Central Valley issues.  We’ll call that the go-to for the middle of the State for now.

Northern California Water Association:  From their About page, The NCWA Mission is “to advance the economic, Screenshot 2016-06-08 at 23.18.59 - Editedsocial, and environmental sustainability of the Sacramento Valley by enhancing and preserving its water rights, supplies, and water quality.”  This site covers issues in the wetter part of the State, where most of the snow and rain fall.  It’s a busy blog and, like the H2outlook Blog for the South, you can spend days here catching up on issues in the North.  Of course the issues covered by NCWA extend well into the Central Valley, too.

These sources are very good and will give anyone an in-depth understanding of each region’s main water concerns.  Please let me know of other in-depth blogs and I’ll list them here.

That’s enough for now and I wish the best for you in the use of your water rights.

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